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Did You Know Your Auto Insurance Policy Likely Covers These Surprising Things?

When you think of car insurance, accident repair is a given. However, most auto insurance policies cover a host of costs that you may not even be aware of, including pet injuries and lost wages stemming from accident. Read on...

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How to: Buying Health Insurance for the First Time

In the U.S., 26 is the age where we all have to leave our parent's insurance plans and have to essentially figure things out for ourselves. So where exactly does one start? Make a plan. As with most first steps,...

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Why Auto Insurance Is A Necessity

Let’s start with this…it’s the LAW! Most states require drivers to carry some type of car insurance to prove that you can pay for potential accident expenses. Even if your state does not require you have to car insurance, here...

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3 Expensive Winter Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

During the winter months, homeowners' insurance claims tend to skyrocket. Repairs are costly, so it's best to do whatever is possible to avoid common winter claims. One of the most common insurance claims is frozen, broken pipes. Winter months can...

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